Joseph Ribbon (University of Leicester Medical Student, Software Engineer).
"Admission to UK medical schools is highly competitive. Once academic requirements are satisfied, success rides solely on interview performance. Esther was absolutely instrumental in increasing my verbal clarity, presentation delivery and guiding my preparation. By completing mock interviews and with continual, practical feedback, I achieved success in the interview process. I secured offers from the University of Leicester, Queens University Belfast and University of Plymouth for their courses in medicine. If you are facing an interview-based Medicine application process or simply find yourself in need of better communication skills I cannot recommend The Elocution Roomís services highly enough. The skills I gained through one-to-one tuition will be transferrable in every domain of life. "

Kasia McWhorter (Senior Technical Consultant)
"I have been working with Esther on Zoom for a number of months now. I can truly say I couldnít be happier. Esther is a well-trained professional and clearly an expert in her field. From day one, I have been provided with plenty of useful resources. I find every session with Esther hugely beneficial. Esther has an ability to explain and demonstrate English pronunciation challenges in a very simple way. For example there were a number of words and sounds I have been struggling with for years which are no longer a problem for me. On top of her professional abilities Esther is very friendly and engaging, simply a pleasure to work with."

Yan Zhong (Senior Manager - Financial Services)
"The experience of working with Esther was invaluable, and her advice enriched me with new and diversified perspectives which will stay with me for my future professional life. I have no doubt that The Elocution Room provides the best professional training program I have ever had and I strongly recommend this company to anyone aiming to improve their speech and find their authentic presentation style."

Norah-Jane Prendergast (Bio-Scientist)
"My professional career has excelled under Estherís mentorship. I was recently offered the position of Visiting Graduate Student at Harvard University. The leader of the team commented on my excellent interview and presentation skills during the hiring process."

Chandrakant Patil (Area Retail Manager)
"I work at Senior Management level in a well-known Homeware retailer in Ireland. This involves managing people and meetings at different levels. English is not my first language and I found my communication was not at the level it needed to be. I joined The Elocution Room classes and found them to be very beneficial."

Veronica Schmitz (Environmental Manager)
"I feel confident in recommending Esther's services as an elocutionist. She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the next step to make the class productive and enjoyable with positive results."

Mahender Kumar (Full-Stack Software Developer)
"English is not my first language and I had some issues that I needed to correct. In our first call Esther identified the issues I was facing and tailored a programme to suit me. I have been taking elocution lessons for 10 weeks and I have overcome many issues including shortness of breath, nervousness, clarity of my voice and breathing techniques. Esther brings a pool of knowledge and a personal vibrancy to every aspect of professional training and development."

Hilton Lam
"Esther is by far the best language teacher I've ever had in my life. She is a well-trained and devoted language expert who's able to pick up nuances in pronunciation, language and accent that most English teachers are not. She's also a lifelong educator who knows how to motivate a student, makes lessons fun and encouraging, and offer actionable exercises to improve one's language based on their specific goals. I couldn't recommend Esther more."

Kirsty Blake Knox -
"My favourite part of the day was elocution lessons. This is mainly because the teacher, Esther Doorly, has a voice like treacle. She could read the telephone directory and make it sound interesting. Esther told me all about the strengths and weaknesses of the Irish accent; we have lazy tongues and roll our words. She also told me who the King of Etiquette is (the queen is obviously Kate Middleton). "Marty Whelan," Esther said. "I could listen to his voice all day. He has fantastic elocution and etiquette." I never doubted it."

Eoin O'Sullivan (Actor & Producer)
"Seamus Whelan and I were delighted to work with Esther for the Money For The Sun production of Tuesdays with Morrie, developing our american accents. Through Esther's character-focused approach, we not only found the character's voice, but also unlocked critical character traits that informed and enhanced the performances. A warm, fun and supportive environment, with wonderful guidance and individually tailored advice. We're looking forward to working with Esther again on future productions."

Benjamin Kimmel
"I contacted the elocution teacher Esther Doorly because I was concerned about my German accent, shortness of breath as well as the speed and clarity of my voice. Since I am a non-native undergraduate psychology student that aspires to work as a practicing psychologist in Ireland in the near future, I felt it absolutely necessary to have control of my voice. During our sessions, Esther recognized the sounds that needed to be worked on and tailored a six-week programme for me that aimed to equip me with the skills to become a better speaker. It was a great pleasure to work with Esther as she is a highly trained professional that immediately understood my concerns. Moreover, she is an exceptionally kind and open person and working with her was a delight. Admitting that you have struggles talking, requires a high amount of vulnerability and can leave you feeling embarrassment but Esther created a learning environment that was safe and non-judgmental.
In the end, I learned numerous techniques and skills that allow me to analyze and recognize sounds and continue to improve my voice. I can highly recommend Esther for anyone who wishes to improve their voice in a professional, fun and rewarding environment."

Alison Crosbie, Spotlight Account Manager Ireland
"Esther was my first choice to deliver the Spotlight Actors Voice Workshop (which booked out instantly with our membership of professional actors). Esther is a consummate professional. She has a lifetime of experience both on the boards as a professional actress and in front of the blackboard as an amazing and energised teacher and mentor to thousands of actors.
I would advise anyone interested in Voice & Elocution to enrol with her today!
Esther brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and personal vibrancy to every aspect of professional training and deportment. She unlocks your personal, professional and intellectual potential to deliver your very best self.
Her classes are a must for anyone wishing to overcome their barriers and to achieve their goals in this competitive world."

Rodrigo Ternevoy (talking to Esther McCarthy) -
"How do you relax? Lately, I'm doing a lot of sessions of Alexander Technique and vocal lessons to neutralise my accent a bit more and throughout those sessions Esther Doorly, my teacher, goes through many different relaxation techniques. I'm finding them extremely useful, especially if I'm a bit anxious on set.."

Deirdre Reynolds -
"Despite losing her voice ahead of the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep certainly had no problem capturing the world's attention as she accepted the Cecil B DeMille Award. Rubbishing the old adage that 'little girls should be seen and not heard', it's an Oscar-worthy trick that all women could do with adopting in the workplace, reckons elocution coach Esther Doorly. "Counterintuitively speaking lower and slower is the key to getting your message across," explains the real-life Professor Henry Higgins, who shows me some easy exercises to help control my breathing and encourages me to embrace my Meath accent. "You almost want to have people hanging on the edge of their seats. The moment you start shouting, you've lost everything." "

Tonyia Dowling - TV Executive & Civil Celebrant
"A confident, engaging and authoritative public speaker is not born but trained - and Esther is an expert tutor who combines the wonderful attributes of warmth, clear instruction and positive, constructive feedback. Her advice is empowering and enabled me to take ownership of my own voice and my own sense of self as a public speaker, by identifying my 'tells' and giving me the techniques to overcome them. The experience of working with Esther was invaluable and her advice will stay with me into the future. If you are nervous about speaking in public don't be - go see Esther."